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Building Classrooms Where Needed

For less than $4000 we can build a row of classrooms like these complete with mirrored windows, brick walls, shingled roofs, blackboards, tables and chairs.

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IHN Bible Partners

Graduating Student With Degrees

Our ever growing programs offer Diplomas which are similar to Associate Degrees, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degrees. All free for all who want it.

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IHN Bible Partners

Building and Stocking Libraries

We depend on the generosity of our donors to provide funds and books for our students. Each library we build will contain the standard student references.

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Get Your Handmade Disciples Cross

Take a look at our online store. With a single donation of $25 you will receive a hand crafted Disciples’ Cross of your choice. We need your financial support so we are asking for partners and people like you who truly want to help bring Jesus to the world. We want to get top Biblical education into the hands and hearts of anyone in the world who wants it. From our online school to our 20+ college campuses (and growing), we have graduated students with Diploma (Associate), Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees. Your purchases help keep that growing.

Get a Copy of Jesus The Man

The first Bible Study Guide ever written by Dr. TJ Moore was "Jesus The Man". It brings the student into a closer look at who Jesus was as a man while on earth. The "Jesus The Man" study guide is for use with Bible Studies and small groups. Anything you purchase at our online store supports our ministry. We need help because we give our education away for free. That's right! FREE! This means we need people just like you who are willing to help bring the truth of the gospel to all the world and build strong Church Leaders in the process.

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Our African Graduates

Nyarugusu Refugee Camp - Tanzania IHN Bible Partners
Uvira - D.R. Congo IHN Bible Partners
Bukavu - D.R. Congo IHN Bible Partners
Mozambique IHN Bible Partners
Mboko - D.R. Congo IHN Bible Partners
Baraka - D.R. Congo IHN Bible Partners
Nyange - D.R. Congo IHN Bible Partners
Zimbabwe IHN Bible Partners
Burundi IHN Bible Partners
Arusha - Tanzania IHN Bible Partners
Louisville - Kentucky USA IHN Bible Partners
Coming September 2024
Kisii - Kenya IHN Bible Partners
Kitale - Kenya IHN Bible Partners
Kalemie - D.R. Congo IHN Bible Partners
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